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Final Cut Pro (not rated G)

I’ve been editing with Final Cut Pro X for the last 84 hours — straight. In my sleep-deprived haze,here’s what I have to say, as a long-in-the-tooth video producer but neophyte editor – in fact, my  editing experience is limited to supervising Avid edits and actual Avid editing, say, about 15 years ago.  FCP in general is something that I have minimal familiarity with.  That said, FCPX — learning curve: extremely short.  With little-to-no talent, ability, knowledge or vision, you can do some fun, interesting things.  Perfect for me.  However, to paraphrase Dr Seuss, “what I do not like, sir, no, not one bit, is the magnetic timeline…”  Here, Dr S would make a nonsensical rhyme, but you can guess the only thing my tiny brain came up with — “no, no, no, not one bit!  Just like suckling at a dried up witch’s….”  and now my blog is no longer rated G.  And that might be why it’s called Final Cut X.


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