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Butt cancer

Why a blog? Why not a blog? Idk, but it does give me a chance to write, even if I am just writing to myself. I’m in my late 40’s, have a courageous husband (he’d have to be, to stay married to me), three kids, a rescue dog, rescue cat, rescue rabbit, a cockatiel and a Chinese dwarf hamster, who we once thought had butt cancer – as it turned out, he didn’t – he’s just extremely well endowed. Yup, you can just imagine all the new words the kids learned in that visit to the vet. To make it worse, I had to translate all the correct terminology into inappropriate words they’re familiar with “hmmm..what are testicles? Have you heard of nuts? You get the idea. As the kids (and the vet tech) giggled hysterically, I forked over 250 bucks for the happy knowledge that Casper doesn’t have a tumor growing out of his ass, it’s just his balls!