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How does she do it?

Just wondering – how does a multi-addicted, profanity-spewing, hygienically-challenged train wreck like Courtney Love get designers around the world to throw hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fabulous, free frocks at her? And a Birkin bag for Courtney? Really? Does that sound right to you? Not to mention the fact that I think she’s got stronger feelings for that bag than she does for her kid. And she definitely has a better idea of its location than she does of, well, her own. Not to sound bitter (I am) but I’m a nice person, can’t I score a little swag? And I can promise, I wouldn’t throw up on the stuff at the end of long and twisted night. Well,here’s what I wore today:


¬†Nike running cap, Dirty Heads sweatshirt, blue Tipperary protective vest (no safety rating but is confidence boosting), black Merona (Target’s in-house clothing line – most would not admit to wearing this) turtleneck, black Kerrit’s winter-weight riding tights, Ariat rear zip field boots. Unseen: Enell no-bounce bra – advertised as the ugliest bra you’ll ever own. It is. And, last but not least – Jelly Pantz!!! My latest purchase and they have changed my equestrian life! And my dear hubby’s, too.