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I’m a 40-something (closer to 50) wife, mother of three and freelance video producer. I’m a little obsessed with Courtney Love, petrified wood, lucite and all things equine.

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    Dear Snoebery,
    I’d like to invite you to look us up at Tad Coffin Performance Saddles. You might be happily surprised by the depth of R&D Tad has done. In fact his passion is to bring relief to horses with sore backs (thoroughbreds top this list unfortunately ), The engineering required has been extraordinary and the SmartRide tree has been the result. Please know that he is also pursing more comfort for the rider. Your comments as well as others have been heard! I think you and your daughter and her horse would really notice the difference in the latest version of SmartRide. While I know this was just a fun, flip comment on your part(and trust me we have heard it all :-)…it is worth knowing about the saddle tree itself and why a horseman and rider like Tad would pursue this. You are welcome to come see the shop which is housed in our barn with 5 “test” horses who give very honest feedback as well:-)Most saddles are made in industrial parks and the horses never get a say. I hope to hear from you.
    Kelly Coffin


    April 22, 2016 at 7:42 am

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