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green rider on a green horse

The love of my life, Onyx, my daughter’s 12 year old OTTB, had the honor of participating in a clinic with none other than Boyd Martin — yes, that Boyd Martin, the one who married Silva.  Don’t ask how it happened, it just did.  I had the dubious honor of doing the first day of the clinic.  Mr. Martin has a unique ability to size up a horse and rider combination within seconds and determine exactly what they need to do to get better.  To me, he said, “A green rider on a green horse.”  Ooof!  We all know how that works — an abomination at best.  To my daughter, on the same horse, one day later, “Looks like you’ve done a bit of jumping.”  One would think that by virtue of writing the checks (mostly good, some not so much) alone, I would garner some respect.  Yeah, that’s not the way the horse world works.  My burning question: Does Silva know you wear that hat?  I think not.



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