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My fabulous new spurs

My new spurs — super-shiny, stainless steel with a touch of brass.  Quite unlike my usual spurs, which are mis-matched or torn-apart leather covered ones that don’t fit right.

Two different sizes and make me fall

Sprenger spurs might be a bit of indulgence, but I think not.  They have improved my riding by at least 127%  What leads me to believe this?  Pre-fabulous spurs, I had five “emergency dismounts” in five days.  Since I started wearing the Sprengers, I haven’t had a saddle launch in three months!  Therefore, the spurs were not a luxury, but most definitely a necessity.  At the rate I was eating dirt before, at least one of my air-trips would have resulted in a sojourn to the ER, a far more costly proposition than the spurs.  So there you go – I’m actually saving money, saving my life and avoiding becoming a burden on society by having a traumatic equine injury — all for the low, low price of a pair of shiny new spurs.  And I look really good in them.  Thank you Twisted Bit for my beautiful spurs!


Torn apart, don’t fit right and make me fall


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